Old Sarum Castle Colouring Sheet

Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 07.35.50

A colouring sheet I made for my Young Archaeologists. Based on Old Sarum in Wiltshire. (Some artistic licence was employed about the position of the cathedral.)

Click here to download the PDF

Please enjoy this free resource and share it, but remember the copyright belongs to me.

Hard Back (with cat)


Sunday lolling in the conservatory with the cat and a good book.  ‘Astro Poetica’ in hardback.  It’s so nice to hold it’s putting a big smile on my face. The cover is shiny black and silver.  It has a couple of extra poems and illustrations and if you’re quick you’ll get a piece of free art (by me) when you buy it.

You may have noticed that Leo modelled for one of the illustrations.